Hello dear

Welcome To Charlie


In a world where we think too much and live too little, I am here to help you have a great time
with us. Welcome to my world, a place where you can laugh and enjoy a nice steak & whiskey.

I love steak and I love whiskey.

Drinks & cocktails

I know that a day without laughter is a day wasted, therefore I am here to bring a smile on
your face every time you visit my house, the place where everybody laughs. I always have a
great time here, especially after a few cocktails with my pasta.

I love pasta and I love cocktails.

Events & private parties

It takes courage to make a fool of yourself but sometimes you just need to relax. I can help your enjoy a nice atmosphere where you have many reasons to embrace your true character with the help of wine and a
nice cheese platter.

I love cheese and I love wine.

There are places that become part of the city's soul immediately, giving you that feeling that they have been there forever.


The beginning

The story behind Charlie starts somewhere in Prague, inside a jazz pub and around a nice glass of whisky.
2015 & 2017

Diageo World Class Romania

One of the only two bars in the world with the honor to have hosted not one, but two Diageo World Class Romania bartenders. Thank you Paul Sfarlea și Silviu Popa.


3rd anniversary

In 3 years, we managed to bring together more than 200 whisky labels, being probably the largest bar in the country to offer such a variety of whiskies.
Since our grand opening in August 2014, Charlie has won great awards from Diageo Word Class Romania.
  • Paul Sfarlea - 2015
  • Silviu Popa - 2017
New food menu

by Chef Horia Simon

Let’s create the next chapter in the movie of your life together.