Charlie Knows Best: Negroni (cocktail)

Come to Charlie and taste history! We'll make you the most truly distinctive Negroni you ever had!

Bitter. Refreshing. Italian.🛵 No, we're not talking about driving the Capri Coast in the dead of winter with the top down. We're talking about Italy's most famous cocktail: the Negroni.

A melding of Campari, gin and sweet red Vermouth, the Negroni 🥃 has been refreshing palates and animating conversation for almost 100 years.

Around 1919, Count Camillo Negroni entered Bar Cosoni, in Florence, and went straight to the bar. Weary from a day of entertaining and marveling at the wondrous beauty of the Duomo, he requested the bartender to beef up his favorite sundowner, the Americano (Campari, vermouth and soda water), by adding a jigger of gin. With the addition of an orange peel garnish, the Negroni was born.


Fun Fact: Count Camillo Negroni actually spent many years in America working as a rodeo clown 🤡 during the Wild West.

Maybe that's why after each sip of Negroni, these profound words come to mind: Yeeee Haaaa! 😂

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