Charlie knows best old fashioned.

Charlie Knows Best: Cocktails (Old Fashioned)

Did you know that in the first definition from 1806, the name “cocktail” was used to describe “a stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters.”

One of the first of these enchanting drinks later became known as the famous “Old Fashioned”, which is one of our favorites. Come and try it at Charlie Pub! 🥃🍹

But here's an extraordinary thing: if you are to believe David Wondrich (and the guy knows something about drinks) the name “cocktail” is strongly related to horses. 🐴 It appears that in the old days, people used ginger or pepper suppositories for horses because that would make them raise their tail in a cocky fashion. It was used more often when selling a horse as this would make it look more lively and spirited, and such horses where referred to as “cocktails”.

While ginger and pepper where also commonly used with mixed drinks and also it seemed that they do make their tasters more lively and spirited, people started to call them “cocktails”. And by the way, because of that, cocktails were considered morning drinks…

So, should we skip coffee? 🤪🤩🍹

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