Charlie Knows Best: Single Malt Whisky 🥃

You don't need to be an expert to “read” a single malt whisky.

Color can tell you a lot about a single malt. Whisky starts clear and draws most of its color from the cask it is aged in.

It’s a common misconception that single malt whisky is the product of one cask. In fact, it is the product of a single distillery and may actually come from several casks therein.

By far the most common are ex-bourbon barrels or hogsheads made from old bourbon barrels. Whisky aged in these take on a straw or gold coloring, and it’s the prevalence of this type of wood that makes yellow the typical color of Scotch. Sherry and Port casks, however, impart an amber appearance.

The darker color is roughly indicative of two things: the newness of the cask and how long the whisky has been in it.

Come at Charlie and try our collection of single malt whisky. You will be amazed!


Fun fact: In order to prevent workers from stealing whisky, distilleries would often give them a “whisky allowance” or a number of bottles of whisky per year. Dream job! 😎

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